BRITAIN’S FAT FIGHT: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Hosts New BBC One Documentary

In his new documentary, ‘Britain’s Fat Fight’, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall reveals that we are losing an uphill battle with supermarkets and restaurants who are locked in fierce competition, which drives a trend towards increasingly unhealthy, sugary and fast foods.

This is causing a health crisis, which Hugh believes will leave us ‘a nation of the stumbling sick’. In this series, Hugh urges food producers and restaurants to be more transparent about what they are selling and pushes the government to urgently tackle the health crisis. Hugh also challenges the people of Newcastle to lose 100,000lbs in a year.

In this first instalment Hugh asks a group of seven-year-olds to do a supermarket shop without their parents and he is led directly to the cereal aisle to pick from brightly coloured and highly sugared breakfast options. He also looks at how location can affect access to healthy foods, and how we are being increasingly tempted by sugary snacks on-the-go.

The first episode airs on BBC One at 21:00 on Wednesday 25th April and will be available on iPlayer afterwards. It will be followed by three further instalments at the same time over the coming weeks.