Hugh’s War on Waste: The Battle Continues

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall continues his War on Waste on Thursday 28 July by confronting Amazon and the coffee shop chain giants Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero. The War on Waste has seen Hugh battle against many current issues related to food waste, such as the “cosmetic standards” applied to supermarket fruit and vegetables which mean that mountains of good produce are being disposed of.

In his latest episode, Hugh explores the misconceptions behind the supposedly “green” paper cups which, in reality, are almost impossible to recycle. Suggesting options such as the promotion of reusable cups or a change in coffee cup design, Hugh challenges these coffee retailers to reduce their carbon footprint and stop the waste.

Hugh’s War on Waste will return to BBC 1 at 9pm on Thursday 28 July. For more information please visit: