Submissions & FAQs

General Guidelines

All submissions should be single sided, at least 1.5 line spaced, page numbered and clearly marked with your name and contact details. Please note that we don’t represent children’s picture books, or original scripts for theatre, film or television.

Email Submissions

We do accept submissions by email but you will only receive a reply if we are interested in discussing representation. Please attach a synopsis and the first three chapters (or about fifty pages) to a covering email sent to, ensuring that attachments are in Microsoft Word or PDF format. If possible, do mention the name of your preferred agent in the subject line of your email. Children’s or YA submissions should also be clearly marked in the subject line.

Postal Submissions

If you would like to send in your work to be read by Greene & Heaton, please include the following: a covering letter, a synopsis, and three chapters (or about fifty pages). Please make sure that you give us your email address, or include a return envelope and sufficient postage if you want the material back.

We try to respond in a timely fashion, but please appreciate that this isn’t always possible due to the volume of submissions we receive. You won’t receive feedback on your work unless we are interested in representing it, but it will be read, and we always aim to give you a response – provided you have sent an SAE.

Please address to: Greene & Heaton Ltd, 37 Goldhawk Road, London W12 8QQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a literary agent do?

A literary agent sells a client’s written work to book, audiobook and ebook publishers. We would usually also handle the sale of film and foreign rights in that work, often with the help of co-agents, and keep a close eye on the possibilities for any other commercial exploitation of the work.

In practice, it is difficult for a new writer to get published without an agent, as most mainstream publishers will not consider unsolicited submissions.

Please read our Agency page to get a sense of how we aim to work with our clients.

Is Greene & Heaton only a literary agency?

No. We also represent clients for television and radio presenting, and for public appearances, as well as offering consultancy services to production companies.

Please read our Agency page to get a sense of how we aim to work with our clients.