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Holly Faulks

Literary Agent

I joined Greene & Heaton in 2015 and am actively building a list of fiction and non-fiction clients. In non-fiction I am looking for writing on current affairs, language, lifestyle and popular science as well as memoir. I am also looking for literary and upmarket commercial fiction.

I work across both the literary and media sides of the agency so am always keen to hear from people who have ideas that might extend beyond the written word. In all genres I am particularly keen to hear from under-represented writers and to champion stories that may have been overlooked.

You can follow me on twitter: @hollycfaulks

Holly's Manuscript Wishlist

In fiction I read widely across genre and am usually drawn to voice-led novels set in the real world, particularly if they engage with the complexities of human experience. That may be an insular, personal experience, a focus on family relationships or an exploration of a wider community or world. I like writing that is witty and sharp but that maintains warmth. I’d absolutely love to find a British Katherine Heiny. I’ve recently loved EITHER/OR by Elif Batuman, WRITERS & LOVERS by Lily King, OPEN WATER by Caleb Azumah Nelson, BEWILDERMENT by Richard Powers and LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND by Rumaan Alam. While I don’t read a huge amount of romance, if you’re writing about publishing in the vein of Emily Henry’s BOOK LOVERS I want to see it! I’d also love to find some fresh new voices in the thriller space, particularly ones with as much incisive social commentary as Sabine Durrant’s.

Most of the non-fiction I work on is socially and politically engaged and I’m always looking for more writers in this area exploring new subjects. As in fiction, I’m drawn to books that explore the way we live, particularly in the modern world. I loved both TRICK MIRROR and FOUR THOUSAND WEEKS for that reason. I’m also keen to explore the range of human experience, I thought THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Gwen Adshead and Eileen Horne was brilliant and am still waiting for a memoir as fascinating as EDUCATED by Tara Westover. I studied languages at university so I’m always keen to find books about the spoken word, and more particularly about the way it relates to the way we experience the world. I’d also like to hear from academics interested in writing a book for general readers, whatever their expertise!

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