Against Her Nature

Against Her Nature
Genre : Fiction
Published : 20 May 2005 - Pan Macmillan
Love, money, children.... Life is a risk, however much we try to protect ourselves....

Tess and Becky are of the generation that reckons it can have everything. High flyers in the high-octane world of London's high-finance, they move through the opportunities, the short-termists, the sharks, the bullies and the very, very rich to face many choices, not least the one presented by biology: children.

How they and an older generation balance the texture of their lives is offered in a story with universal themes which combines an unexpected love story with a journey to maturity.


A modern day Vanity Fair... brilliantly done.

Mail on Sunday

The pursuit of money, allied to the pursuit of love, is one of fiction's most dynamic themes... an absorbing tale and a salutary one.

Helen Dunmore

'Passion, death corruption, the catastrophic Lloyds crash... superb writing, pacy, sharp, dramatic, utterly gripping

Val Hennessy, Woman's Journal

Horribly well done

Sunday Times