All Fur Coat

All Fur Coat
Genre : Fiction
Published : 1 Mar 2004 - Sceptre
What happens when two men become dangerously obsessed with the same woman?

One, the ex-pop star with his glory days a distant memory. He's no longer in a band, but he's in dire straits and his problems are about to get worse -- he's just fallen in love with Heidi. To him, she's an angel.

The other, an artist with a dark past and an even darker future thanks to his interesting new job. To him, Heidi's a devil.

And Heidi? She's a lap dancer at All Fur Coat, but she desperately wants to be a model. She doesn't know it yet, but she's playing a very risky game.

By the end of the week, nothing will ever be the same again.


Showcases a genius for the sort of one-liners mere mortals can only dream of.

The Mirror

Believable and well-crafted characters, it's hard not to feel something for all of them...the story bounces along well and is topped off with a cautionary tale about an ill-advised piercing that will make even the hardest reader wince.

Ink magazine

I am very jealous of Andrew Holmes. This is mean, twisted and hilarious.

Jenny Eclair

Andrew Holmes is one of very few writers whose characters truly leap off the page. His novels are so spot-on it's scary. You don't read his live it.

Matt Thorne

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