An Italian Holiday

An Italian Holiday
Genre : Fiction
Published : 15 Jun 2017 - Pan Macmillan
Sunshine, warmth, lemon blossom . . .

Springtime in glorious Southern Italy can go to your head. Especially if you are escaping an overbearing husband, the embarrassingly public loss of your company, an interfering mother who still tries to run your life or the pain of a husband's affair with a girl young enough to be his daughter.

As the Italian sun ripens the lemons in the groves that tumble down the hillsides and the Mediterranean dazzles beneath them, assertive Angela, extrovert Sylvie, unconfident Claire and mousy Monica find burgeoning friendship and begin to blossom in quite unexpected ways.

Packed with memorable characters – from the acid-tongued Grand Old Man of Modern Art who lives next door – to the aspiring gigolo who thinks nothing of a forty year age gap, Maeve Haran's new novel is a witty and entertaining reminder of why going a little mad in the sun can sometimes be exactly what you need.


A sunny entertaining read.

Woman & Home

Full of optimism and Italian sunshine, is a great summer read... Funny, wise, relaxing and full of lovely lifestyle detail.

Wendy Holden, Daily Mail

The magic of Italy, their friendship and the characters they meet effect a change in all of them. It's as bubbly and enjoyable as a glass of Italian fizz.

Fanny Blake, Sunday Express