Ask Your Father

Ask Your Father
Genre : Lifestyle
Published : 7 May 2009 - Short Books
All parents know the moment. You are preparing the lunchbox, trying to pack the boot of the car, when your child comes up and asks one of those impossibly embarrassing, unanswerable questions...

At last, help is at hand. Rather than palming the question off on your spouse, or burying your red face behind a newspaper, let Emma Cook give you the answers.

Collected from her highly successful column in The Times – in which she seeks expert opinion to back up her own experience as a parent and journalist, ASK YOUR FATHER provides succinct, on-the-button advice to every question you could possibly have the misfortune to be faced with. This will make you laugh all the way to the school gates.

Have you or Dad ever taken drugs?
If there’s a God, why are there so many wars?
Can I get my belly button pierced?
Why were you and daddy shouting last night?
Mum, why don’t you have a willy?
Why doesn’t anyone like me?

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