Bald: How I Slowly Learned to Not Hate Having No Hair (And You Can Too)

Bald: How I Slowly Learned to Not Hate Having No Hair (And You Can Too)
Genre : Lifestyle
Published : 25 Apr 2024 - Profile Books

Nobody chooses to be bald. Nobody wants to look into the mirror and be confronted with an absence. Nobody gains any comfort from having a slightly better idea of what their skull looks like.

Stuart Heritage has been bald for two years. But before he accepted the inevitable, he spent a number of years ineptly trying to conceal this fact with an array of expensive treatments and terrible haircuts. Can a man go bald with dignity? Maybe. But can a man go bald with more dignity than Stuart Heritage? Oh good god yes, and this book is his attempt to make that happen for you.

Part-memoir-part-manual, Stuart brings us a self-deprecating, funny and genuinely helpful guide to being bald: what really happens, why it matters and how to feel much less crap about it.


Stuart's head is made for baldness.

Larry David

Speaking as a man who is getting rapidly rapidly acquainted with the contours of my own skull, this book was a genuine tonic. And a very funny read.


Very very funny and LOL-packed while also quite poignant and weird…all the things I like a lot in a book.

Jessica Dettmann, author of HOW TO BE SECOND BEST

Going bald can scramble a man's self-esteem and leave those around them walking on eggshells. Stuart Heritage reveals the unvarnished truth about his own hair loss - and how he learnt to survive it

The Sunday Times

It's excellent and should be read by vaguely vain men of all hair types including none.

Simon Usborne

Cards on the table, I'm not a bald man yet ... [and] Heritage fills me with renewed confidence about my future.

Hugo Rifkind, Times Radio

The funniest imaginable version of a grief memoir ... Heritage does what he does best: he lays on the laughs. Happily, all the wry self-deprecation packed into an appropriately thin volume serves a grander goal ... Heritage gives sensitivity scores to things people say to balding men. Managing to brilliantly unpack male vanity and insecurity, Bald stands ready to hold the hand of any vulnerable man who might otherwise fall into a pit of despair on the internet ... I'll never hear 'you have a nice-shaped head' the same way again.

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