Genre : Fiction
Published : 21 Jun 2012 - Quercus
The day has come. The countdown has started. Everything is on the line...


A tense blockbuster with worryingly credible characters

The Times

This thriller has more twists than a bagful of snakes - and as much bite ... A must read

Peterborough Telegraph

[A]n audacious and ambitious novel

Crime Fiction Lover

For those of us who use the tube, of course, this is your worst nightmare and the author cleverly plays on all your fears in this fast-paced book


If you are a fan of suspense, extreme events and extreme characters and you don't mind vividly described bloody action, Baptism could be your kind of thriller


Kinnings imbues his book with the sounds, smells, and heartbeats of human fear ... Nothing can recreate terror other than terror itself, and Max Kinnings


...this is a fast-paced, seat-of-your-pants action thriller that had me reading far later into the night than I intended because, quite simply, I couldn't put it down

Crime Thriller Girl

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