Beach Rivals

Beach Rivals
Genre : Fiction
Published : 20 Jul 2023 - Penguin
One bookshop in paradise. Two bitter rivals. A whole summer to get through...

Clare thought that by now she would have her life figured out. Instead, she's living with her parents, working a job she hates and has absolutely no idea what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

When she sees a viral job advert for a three-month bookseller position on a Bali beach, she jumps at the chance. But it's not until she arrives in Bali that Clare realises she won't be working in the bookshop alone.

Instead she's sharing the bookshop - and a flat - with a handsome but infuriating American man. Jack is Clare's opposite in almost every way, and it's not long before they're driving each other crazy. But fighting with Jack is also the most fun Clare's had in years, and it's only a matter of time before their relationship turns less than professional...


Complete sunshine in book form... a delicious slow burn love story"<br />

Cressida McLaughlin, author of The Staycation

The perfect slice of summer escapism... I read it in one sitting!

Catherine Walsh, author of Holiday Romance

A delight. Ideally would have read it on a beach; still bloody good served on the sofa. <br />

Lauren Bravo, author of Preloved

Georgie Tilney’s Beach Rivals is such a love letter to bookshops and beach reads. I adored the forced proximity roommate set-up, and was rooting for Jack and Clare to realise the other wasn’t nearly as defined by their seeming grump/sunshine roles as they might first appear. The side characters were so loveable and fun, and my kingdom for Simone Adair books to be real. As warm as white sands beneath your toes, as refreshing as a cool breeze – this book utterly transported me!

Alicia Thompson, author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

A absolute escapist win and tonic of a read! Pure delight: spending time with Georgie’s gorgeous characters has left me feeling a s refreshed and joyful as if I’ve had a holiday in Bali.

Angela Clarke, author of On My Life

Escapist fun

Woman's Own

The ideal beach read.

Yours Magazine

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