Beatrix Potter - The Story of the Creator of Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter - The Story of the Creator of Peter Rabbit
Genre : Fiction
Published : 25 Jun 1998 - Warne
While we know much of Beatrix Potter from her classic children's stories, there is a great deal more to this courageous woman than meets the eye. Born in 1866 into a well-off but repressive family and society, Beatrix Potter's triumph over personal difficulties and her ground-breaking work in such fields as science and conservation make her a great role model and inspiration for children today. From an early age she was fascinated by animals and studied their anatomy and behaviour with intense interest. In 1893, she wrote an illustrated letter to a child which told the story of four rabbits – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter which went on to become The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

This, and the twenty-two books which followed, became one of the most popular children’s series in the world. This children's introduction to her extraordinary life story is ideal for young fans who want an informative and easy to understand text and provides an excellent source of reference for school projects.

Illustrated by Beatrix Potter and Mike Dodd.