Bedtime Stories for Worried Liberals

Bedtime Stories for Worried Liberals
Genre : Humour
Published : 3 Oct 2019 - Profile
Anxious? Angry? Waking up in the middle of the night to worry about plastic pollution, Brexit and why everything seems to be so horrible all the time? Thumb sore from scrolling through the Guardian news app, even though it makes you want to cry?

Us too.

But help is here, in the shape of Stuart Heritage's hilarious Bedtime Stories for Worried Liberals. Put down your phone, log off Twitter, and let yourself be lulled to sleep by stories from a world where Brexit disappears in a puff of smoke, Waitrose is free, and Fairy Godmothers look a lot like Barack Obama.

Including: The Three Liberal Pigs; Jack and the Sustainably Produced Meat Substitute Stalk; and The Night Before Brexmas; The Very Trendy Caterpillar; Trumplestiltskin; Camerella.


The funniest book I've read this year ... Superb

Will Storr

The perfect Christmas gift has been published. Guardian journalist Stuart Heritage puts a short, "snowfakey" twist on classics...130 pages of sweary funniness, aimed at the Twitterati.

The Herald

No one writes about the incidentals and the characteristics of British life better than Stuart Heritage.

Dolly Alderton

For fun Christmas reading, I can recommend Stuart Heritage's Bedtime Stories for Worried Liberals.

John Crace, The Guardian


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