Bliss & Blunder

Bliss & Blunder
Genre : Fiction
Published : 3 Aug 2023 - Serpent's Tail
Arthur and Gwen married young. Twenty years on, Gwen's got it all: wealth, beauty, a famous husband who's the founder of Britain's most successful tech company, stables full of horses, millions of followers on Instagram, an unstable lover, a wayward son, a hoard of secrets, an aching heart, and a cyberstalking blackmailer who calls himself The Invisible Knight.

As the Wiltshire town of Abury prepares to celebrate the fortieth birthday of its favourite son, Morgan, Gwen's former best friend, is on her way back to Abury after two decades away, keen to expose Abury's long buried secrets and hellbent on revenge.

An inventive, magisterial reworking of Britain's greatest myth, Bliss & Blunder is a heartrending novel of power, friendship and betrayal.


BLISS & BLUNDER, like the questing beast of legend, is many things at once; epic, sprawling yet intricate, it's a novel of action and intimacy, an astute critique of our technological era, a fitting homage to Arthurian myth, and a moving, highly original story in its own right.

Roisin Kiberd, author of The Disconnect

A thrilling romp through contemporary Britain with an eye on its ancient past. Victoria Gosling's BLISS & BLUNDER manages to be simultaneously pacy, rich and formally adventurous.

Ben Fergusson, author of Tales from the Fatherland

A clever retelling


Exquisitely written and structurally bold...a deeply impressive novel.

Eva Dolan, author of This Is How It Ends

Jaw-droppingly brilliant writing.

Marian Keyes

Engrossing, beguiling...a richly talented author.

Sarah Waters

This modern take is funny and fresh. Throw in a love triangle, blackmail and someone hellbent on revenge, and you have a gripping read.

Good Housekeeping

The implosion of their relationship, representing the strain on the female camaraderie, is the beating heart of the book. BLISS & BLUNDER fills a gap, an ode to the power of women united in an incisive state of the nation novel.

The Guardian

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