Bringing Down Goliath: How Good Law Can Topple the Powerful

Bringing Down Goliath: How Good Law Can Topple the Powerful
Published : 27 Apr 2023 - WH Allen
A revealing, empowering vision of how the law can work better for all of us, from Jolyon Maugham KC, founder of Good Law Project.

Our legal system often feels like it only works for the rich and powerful - for those who have the means to use the courts to enforce their will and defend their interests. But we can fight back.

Jolyon Maugham KC founded Good Law Project in 2017 with the belief that the law can also put power into the hands of ordinary people. It has brought a series of landmark cases against a dishonest and increasingly autocratic government and won widespread acclaim in successfully reversing Boris Johnson's unlawful suspension of Parliament. Already the largest legal campaign group in the UK, Good Law Project is shining light into corners the establishment would rather keep dark - from the failures of Brexit to the still-developing PPE scandal, to the tax arrangements of business giants like Uber.

In Bringing Down Goliath, Jolyon Maugham shares his inspiration and his purpose, and he reveals the story behind these landmark cases and the hidden fault lines of our judicial system. He offers an empowering, bold new vision for how the law can work better for all of us in the fight against injustice.


Maugham doesn't just speak truth to corrupt and compromised power, he takes the fight to their front door and won't be ignored. Inspiring and illuminating.

James O'Brien

A mighty blast...This is how to challenge the powerful.

Owen Jones

With astonishing panache and determination, Jolyon Maugham has taken on some of the most powerful and corrupt interests in the UK and won. This is his remarkable story.