Edible Seashore: River Cottage Handbook 5

Edible Seashore: River Cottage Handbook 5
Genre : Cookery
Published : 4 May 2009 - Bloomsbury
For the forager, the seashore holds surprising culinary potential. In this authoritative, witty book John Wright takes us on a trip to the seaside. But before introducing us to the various species to be harvested, he touches on such practicalities as conservation and the ethics of foraging; safety from tides, rocks and food poisoning; the law and access to the shore, our right to fish, landing sizes and seasons; and equipment such as nets, pots and hooks.

Next comes the nitty-(often literally)gritty: all the British seashore species that one might be tempted to eat. The conservation status, taste and texture, availability, seasonality, habitat, collecting technique and biology of each species is covered; there are also quite a few gratuitous, but fascinating diversions. The species covered include crustacea, molluscs, mushrooms, sea urchin, plants and seaweed.

Finally, there are thirty brilliant recipes. Introduced by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, EDIBLE SEASHORE is destined to join the other handbooks in the series as an indispensible household reference


A perfect, and beautiful, book for beginners or intermediate-level shore-foragers

Guy Dimond, Time Out