Everything, Beautiful: A Visual Guide to Finding Calm and Beauty in the Everyday

Everything, Beautiful: A Visual Guide to Finding Calm and Beauty in the Everyday
Genre : Arts
Published : 1 Sep 2022 - Square Peg

From the New York Times bestselling author of LOST IN TRANSLATION comes an illustrated manifesto and an interactive guide to reclaiming the wonder of the everyday through mindful activities, creative exercises and heart-warming stories.

In a world that sometimes moves too fast, Ella Frances Sanders is on a mission to remind us all to slow down and find beauty in the ordinary as a balm for the soul. Part meditation, part self-help guide and part interactive journal, EVERYTHING, BEAUTIFUL invites us to rethink what 'beauty' can be, why it matters and how we can find it all around us if we just stop to look. It is a reminder that each day all of us are surrounded by beauty that can't be bought: spiderwebs only seen in the sunlight, the greenish glow of a fox's eyes watching in the dark, or the comforting screech of the train that takes you to your many futures. Filled with thoughtful, intimate and brilliant insights, inspirational quotes, breathtaking illustrations and space for readers of all ages to write, draw and reflect on their own ideas of beauty, EVERYTHING, BEAUTIFUL is the perfect book for everyone who wants to reclaim a sense of wonder in their everyday lives.


Filled with captivating stories, prompts, hand-lettered quotes, and illustrations, Sanders' book expands our perspective to include those imperfect, messy, and even heartbreaking moments in this new definition of beauty.

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