Fatal Mistakes
Genre : Fiction
Published : 6 Aug 2021 - Harper Black
'10062019Kandivali help avntika mam do smthng pls'

Mysterious, coded text messages.

A plea for help from an anonymous sender.

And... nothing else. That's it.

Now, let's play Da-Vinci-Code-Da-Vinci-Code.

This is what Mumbai Daily reporter Avantika Pandit wants: To cover crime. To not be a feature writer. To never have to write another listicle in her life. Ever. This is what she actually has: One enraged editor. One garbage assignment (literally). And a bunch of mysterious texts that hint at deadly, hidden crimes, which she absolutely, positively shouldn't be digging into.

Oh, well.

Can she unearth the truth, without pissing off her boss - even more? Can she brave Dhruv Juneja's incessant flirting? Will she finally cross over to the hallowed ground of crime reporting, preferably with all her limbs intact?

Or will she discover, that all it really takes to end up begging for your life, is one fatal mistake?

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