Fermentation: River Cottage Handbook No.18

Fermentation: River Cottage Handbook No.18
Genre : Cookery
Published : 3 Sep 2020 - Bloomsbury

In FERMENTATION, Rachel de Thample shines a light on one of the oldest methods of preserving food, which is just as relevant today, and shows you how to produce delicious and health-boosting ferments in your own kitchen.

There are more than 80 simple recipes to make everything from sauerkraut and sourdough, kimchee and kombucha, to pickles and preserves, accompanied by thorough explanations of how the fermenting process works. With little more than yeast and bacteria, salt and time, a whole realm of culinary possibilities opens up.


Walks you through an array of krauts, pickles, and brews that make the most of the seasons.


Rachel is endlessly inventive with her recipes: kombucha fruit leather, pickled plums, fermented wild mushrooms, fermented honey marmalade and dozens more, covering every fermentation method.

Country Life

A superb introduction with a practical but inspiring tone that will let you try something new with your garden produce.

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