Finders, Keepers

Finders, Keepers
Genre : Fiction
Published : 9 Jul 2020 - Hodder & Stoughton
Verity Baxter has lived - quietly, carefully - in Trinity Fields all her life. Then Ailsa and Tom Tilson move in next door and everything changes. Can Verity trust what she hears through the walls?

And what about the Tilsons: should they pity their eccentric neighbour and her messy house? Or should they fear her?

Either way, like the ivy that creeps through their shared garden fence, their lives are entwined now. And the knots can only get tighter...


A masterly slow-burn gripper

Louise Candlish

Seriously superior psychological thriller

Star pick, Sunday Times Crime Club

A smart, compelling and thoroughly haunting read

Mail on Sunday

Hard to put down

Evening Standard

This well-paced, intelligent mystery benefits from finely-drawn characters and convincing psychological tension ... take a peek at the raging traumas behind the calm masks of suburban respectability

Daily Mail

A delicious study in dark psychology with a narrator who constantly keeps you guessing. This tale serves up a real emotional punch

Sunday Mirror

A taut thriller with layer upon layer of suspense and twists right to the very last page


Durrant builds a sense of menace and the ending is satisfying, with a believable twist

Good Housekeeping

Engrossing psychological crime

Literary Review

Incredible! So clever and compelling

Lucy Atkins

Elegant and astute, Finders Keepers is truly gripping

Louise O’Neill

Riveting from the first page to the last. No one creates characters like Sabine Durrant. I was completely enthralled

Clare Mackintosh

Creepily brilliant.


This elegant psychological thriller is a chilling portrait of the darkness that lurks behind suburban front doors.

Daily Mail

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