Fireside Gothic

Fireside Gothic
Genre : Fiction
Published : 3 Nov 2016 - HarperCollins
From the No.1 bestselling author of THE AMERICAN BOY and THE ASHES OF LONDON comes a collection of three gothic novellas – BROKEN VOICES, THE LEPER HOUSE and THE SCRATCH – perfect for fans of THE LONEY by Andrew Michael Hurley.

It’s Christmas before the Great War and two lonely schoolboys have been forced into companionship. Left in the care of an elderly teacher, there is little to do but listen to his eerie tales about the nearby Cathedral. The boys concoct a plan to discover if the stories are true. But the Cathedral is filled with hidden dangers, and curiosity can prove fatal.


One stormy night in Suffolk, a man’s car breaks down following his sister’s funeral. The only source of light comes from a remote cottage by the sea. The mysterious woman who lives there begs him to leave, yet he can’t shake the sense that she somehow needs him. He attempts to return the next day but she is nowhere to be seen. And neither is the cottage.

Clare and Gerald live a perfect life in the Forest of Dean with their cat, Cannop. Then Gerald’s young nephew comes to stay. Jack is from another world active service in Afghanistan. The experience has left him outwardly untouched, but for a scratch that won’t heal. Jack and Cannop don't like each other. Clare and Jack like each other too much. The scratch begins to fester.


Christmas and ghost stories go together like pudding and brandy butter, and you’ll love scaring yourself silly with this dazzlingly macabre collection.

Sunday Mirror

The title is perfect; these are spine-tinglers that cry out to be read in the flickering light of a wood fire.

Kate Saunders, The Times