Froth on the Cappuccino

Froth on the Cappuccino
Genre : Fiction
Published : 30 Aug 2008 - Hay House
Good bread, warm towels, crisp mornings, girls' nights out, eating the froth on the cappuccino: these are the ordinary pleasures that make life worth living. Yet sometimes other things in our lives can be so overwhelming that we forget their healing power. In this inspiring book, bestselling author Maeve Haran describes how the little things in life can prove to be the most satisfying.

Swapping jokes with a shopkeeper or getting a smile from another driver when you let them into the traffic makes you feel better about yourself than any self-help book. FROTH ON THE CAPPUCCINO celebrates hundreds of everyday delights all designed to remind us how joyous life is.


In this enchanting evocation of the real pleasures of life, Maeve Haran argues its the little things that give greatest contentment.

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An entertaining writer, with delicious lightness of touch

The Sunday Times