Girlfriend 44

Girlfriend 44
Genre : Fiction
Published : 9 Jan 2000 - Headline
Harry's one ambition is to find the perfect girl. He doesn't ask for much – merely a beautiful intellectual who doesn't mind his constant infidelity. Such a thing is hard to come by, however, and even if he does find a woman who meets his exact criteria, he's not sure he would ever want to grow old with her. Then he meets Alice and things take a dramatic turn. She seems to be everything a man could want, and his best friend Gerrard can only whole-heartedly agree. They both want her for themselves and in the race to win her heart, friendship and scruples are thrown aside – even a little light poisoning is on the cards. But can a man who thinks size ten is a bit on the chubby side grow up fast enough to win the girl of his dreams?


The dialogue in this spot-on novel is sharp and funny.


I howled with laughter...lively, witty and upbeat.

The Mirror

[Barrowcliffe] is an assured stylist with a lively, wordy wit.

Independent on Sunday

It’s marvellous... This stunning debut is witty, genuinely funny, frequently coarse and so pacy you just can’t put it down.

The Bookseller

Hilarious debut novel in the tradition of Men Behaving Badly.

Books Magazine

Funny, sharp and so realistic you think you know all the characters.

New Woman

A hilarious read.

Company Magazine

Squirmily funny stuff.

MS London

The book’s dialogue is fast-paced and cheeky and never loses steam, and the engrossing climax is a jaw-dropper.

New York Post

Barrowcliffe is an exceptional writer, but the genius of his work is his apparent realization that if he combined every prejudice women have about men and injected them into the genes of Harry and Gerrard, he would have the makings of a bestseller – and he is probably correct... Read it and weep.


Barrowcliffe can be funny, and oftentimes insightful and smart.

Chicago Tribune

Mark Barrowcliffe’s hilariously caustic novel offers proof that your worst fears about single men are right on target.

Women’s Own

Irreverent, but funny... Barrowcliffe’s writing is engaging, and chock-full of clever observations...daring to say out loud what the rest of us think about love...rival the best-selling dating manual...if you are looking to keep things light and enjoy a few laughs, GIRLFRIEND 44 is the literary equivalent of a great one-night stand.

San Antonio Express News

Hilarious...Harry’s romantic misadventures are delightfully zany, and Barrowcliffe’s writing (especially his snappy dialogue) is sidesplitting; I annoyed my husband all week reading my favourite passages aloud.


A darkly amusing look at the soccer, lager and 'born-again-sex-ism' set.

New York Times

A funny but dark look inside the hearts of modern men... Barrowcliffe’s story is genuinely suspenseful.


Laugh-out-loud funny.


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