Her Daughter’s Secret

Her Daughter’s Secret
Genre : Fiction
Published : 15 Sep 2022 - Avon
Will her daughter’s secret tear her family apart?

When troubled teenager Immy disappears, she leaves her widowed mother Bea completely devastated. Bea pours her love into her six-year-old niece Phoebe, even taking her in when her single father Ewan takes a job abroad.

Then Immy returns, in desperate need of her mother’s help and love. But Ewan is clear: he will never let Bea see Phoebe again if she welcomes her daughter back. As Bea grapples with this impossible choice between two girls who sorely need her, a long-buried secret comes out that changes everything – and Bea must fight harder for her family than she ever thought she could. A gripping, heart-wrenching novel about family secrets and the price of love, perfect for fans of S.D. Robertson, Ali Mercer and Kerry Fisher.


An assured debut about family, loyalty and secrets…I loved it.

Laura Pearson

A warm-hearted, page-turning read about a family shattered by a disastrous past event.

Ali Mercer

A thoughtful family drama, with well-rounded characters and a tangle of past secrets.

Jill Childs

A gripping story of family secrets, love and past tragedy. It kept me hooked from beginning to end. A seriously impressive debut.

Annie Lyons

Lisa Timoney's debut has all the elements of a fabulous family drama…it kept me turning the pages from beginning to end’’

Kerry Fisher

Heartbreaking and life affirming...it had me turning the pages late into the night... A fantastic read!

Emma Robinson, author of MY HUSBAND'S DAUGHTER

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