Genre : Fiction
Published : 4 Jul 2013 - Mulholland Books
A paranoid, reclusive old woman offers you a hundred grand to kill someone. Trouble is, you're no silent assasin and your target is a man endowed with enormous psychic powers. And yes...he quite clearly knows what you're up to.

You have two options:

1. Decline the offer.

2. Get a gun, get smashed out of your brain on every drug you can lay your hands on and hit the streets in your souped-up Beamer whilst your "hit" draws you deeper into his bizarre hallucinatory world.

The choice is yours.

Taking in the sights and sounds of modern London as seen through the bleary eyes of our (tragi-)comic (anti-)hero, HITMAN is inhabited by a cast of grotesque movers and shakers, casualties and misfits, all of them scattered from the corrosive underbelly of the showbiz dream.

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