I Can't Begin to Tell You

I Can't Begin to Tell You
Genre : Fiction
Published : 28 Aug 2014 - Michael Joseph
Elizabeth Buchan brings us a beautifully told story of courage, love and lies in wartime Europe in her heart-breaking new novel I Can't Begin to Tell You.

Denmark, 1940. War has come and everyone must choose a side.

For British-born Kay Eberstern, living on her husband Bror's country estate, the Nazi invasion and occupation of her adopted country is a time of terrible uncertainty and inner conflict.

With Bror desperate to preserve the legacy of his family home, even if it means co-existing with the enemy, Kay knows she cannot do the same. Lured by British Intelligence into a covert world of resistance and sabotage, her betrayal of Bror is complete as she puts her family in danger.

Tasked with protecting an enigmatic SOE agent, a man who cannot even tell her his name, Kay learns the art of subterfuge. From this moment on, she must risk everything for the sake of this stranger - a stranger who becomes entangled in her world in ways she never expected.

Caught on opposing sides of a war that has ripped apart a continent, will Kay and Bror ever find their way back to one another?


Gripping, fascinating . . . Kay is prepared to sacrifice marriage, home, children and her life for the cause

Daily Mail

Impressive... nerve-janglingly engrossing... Buchan brings the period vividly to life

Sunday Times

This is such a good novel, full of incident and history and the minutiae of life as a spy

Daily Express

A gripping story of courage and conscience. Highly recommended

Sunday Mirror

Gripping, beautifully written and peopled with characters you believe in

Choice Magazine

A scintillating WWII story packed with gripping espionage and a tremendous lead character. Constructed with skill and elegance – no one writes a cliffhanger scene like Buchan – it’s a breathtaking read

The Week

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