I Know Where She Is

I Know Where She Is
Genre : Fiction
Published : 14 Aug 2017 - Canelo
A strange note sends a desperate mother searching for her daughter ten years after her disappearance in this heart-stopping thriller debut.

On the tenth anniversary of her daughter Autumn’s abduction, Francine receives an anonymous note containing just five words: I KNOW WHERE SHE IS.

When a young woman approaches her the next day claiming to have sent the letter, Francine wants to dismiss it as a cruel, twisted joke. But the stranger knows things that only Autumn would know.

It soon becomes clear that Francine must go to dark places to learn the truth about her child’s kidnapping. She will discover that danger comes from unexpected sources. She will do things she never imagined herself capable of.

But will Francine get her daughter back—or is it too late?


This book is dark, and delicious. I loved it.

Rachel Dove

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