I Told You I Was Ill

I Told You I Was Ill
Genre : Popular Science
Published : 1 Oct 2005 - Short Books
Do you think spots are cancer? That headaches are a sign of incipient stroke? That shoulder twinges are cardiovascular accidents waiting to happen? Congratulations! You're a hypochondriac. Don't, however, let anyone, least of all close friends and family, make you feel guilty or ashamed. As this hilarious book shows, hypochondria is the only sane response to the modern world - an illness in itself (hurrah!) and part of a noble tradition stretching back thousands of years. Some of the greatest minds of our time have been incorrigible hypochondriacs. They understood what too many of us have forgotten: you can't get better if you don't confront the worst.


This short, witty and beautifully observed book is going to have you laughing all the way to your likely early grave...

James Delingpole, Mail on Sunday

Shamelessly endearing... such a pleasure to read.

Zoe Williams, New Statesman

One of those rare books that makes you laugh, think and stand naked and afraid before a full-length mirror

Tim Moore