Infidelity for First Time Fathers

Infidelity for First Time Fathers
Genre : Fiction
Published : 5 Jan 2001 - Headline Review
Something's wrong in Stewart Dagman's life. The party invitations that used to read “Bring Bottles and First Aid kit. Eight till police raid” now say “Ben is one. Help us celebrate. Please leave quietly before afternoon nap”. Life is moving on, and Dag wants to move with it. All he dreams of is someone to love, a family of his own and a half indecent sex life. All of a sudden, his dreams come true. Twice. In a week. And now? Will his friend Henderson be able to survive “in the howling wilderness of single life”? And is it really possible to get rickets through the over-use of anti-ageing UV cream? A dazzlingly witty and observant novel about the way the modern male deals with fiancées, girlfriends, parenthood, friendship and weddings.


This book is a success: honest, unpretentious... extremely funny.

The Times

Fast moving and witty.

The Bookseller

Light ‘male in crisis’ comic romance that trawls the familiar territory of the indecisive male having trouble letting go of his laddishness but the witty, almost conversational storytelling should raise regular smiles.


A riotous novel.

Fiction General

An easy, funny read.