Jonathan The Magic Pony

Jonathan The Magic Pony
Genre : Children's / YA
Published : 20 Aug 2020 - Puffin
Jonathan the Magic Pony is a brilliant magician. With one wave of his magic wand he can make anything disappear. Boomf! And because he's such a brilliant magician, with one more wave he can make things come back too. It's foolproof. Failsafe. Always works.
Or does it?
When Jonathan magics away Sarah's bear... it doesn't come back! And with each, increasingly desperate, wave of his wand, Jonathan sets off an anarchic chain of events that builds to a swirl of hilarious chaos. There are sharks chasing ducks, baboons with giant wooden spoons, chimpanzees covered in fleas... but where is Sarah's bear? Will it ever come back?
Is Jonathan even a real magician?! Find out in this silly, playful and very, very funny picture book, perfect for fans of Supertato and Grumpycorn.
Jonathan's tricks may be rubbish but this book is definitely magic!