Juche - How to Live Well the North Korean Way

Juche - How to Live Well the North Korean Way
Genre : Fiction
Published : 29 Oct 2020 - Bantam Press
In this earth-quaking lifestyle manifesto, I, Comrade Hyun-gi, will share with you the blueprint to a healthier, happier way of life. Juche will teach you westerners how sleeping under your desk yields a better work/life balance; why food rationing promotes a greater generosity of spirit; how sealed borders prevent the agony of long-distance relationships and why pensions prevent people from living in the moment.

So come, dear Comrade, and step free from the landmines and tripwires of capitalism and march with me towards the socialist dawn that awaits us all.


'Game Changing. JUCHE is to shape the cultural zeitgeist just as THE LITTLE BOOK OF HGGYE did.'

- Fern Brady

'A book to bring shame upon our depraved morals and our wilted-spinach governments.'

- Ivo Graham

'As dry as it is daft - I loved it.'

- Jordan Brookes

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