List Happy: 75 Lists for Happiness, Gratitude, and Wellbeing

List Happy: 75 Lists for Happiness, Gratitude, and Wellbeing
Published : 7 Jul 2022 - DK
Improve your mental health by finding joy, gratitude and happiness in everyday things.

We have so many good things in our lives and yet much of the time we fail to notice them. But taking the time to think about the small, everyday things that bring us joy and make us thankful can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. What better way to boost your mood than to spend time listing all the good things around you? Where are the places that you feel most at peace? What music brings you joy? Who are the people who have made a positive difference in your life? What challenges have you overcome and helped grow your resilience?

In this beautifully illustrated book, over 75 lists guide you on the path to a happier life, including quick lists to help create mindful moments throughout your day and action prompts to further your positivity journey.

Choose a list at random or work through them one by one. Whenever you're in need of a boost, you can come back and add new things or remind yourself of encouraging thoughts and reminders you've written. LIST HAPPY is the perfect way to take time out for yourself, focus on the here and now, and remember all the good things in life.