Lord of Slaughter

Lord of Slaughter
Genre : Fiction
Published : 28 Jun 2012 - Gollancz/Orion
LORD OF SLAUGHTER - The shattering conclusion to the first three books of the Wolfsangel series. It's 969. A Norman scholar is charged by the Byzantine emperor to investigate a number of strange magical happenings in Constantinople. As he looks into the case, he discovers he himself is entwined in an age old war between the bloodthirsty Norse Gods.

LORD OF SLAUGHTER contains all the hallmarks of the series so far - dark, dark magic, doomed love and heart-stopping battle sequences. Sinister bureaucrats, a brave monk, star-crossed lovers and a terrifying young Viking vie to understand and alter the fate the Gods have set for them. As the skies over Constantinople grow unnaturally dark, the scholar Loys must fight to save himself and his young wife from enemies human and divine in a complex world where he can trust no one. And, as always, the shadow of the werewolf is never far away, while the Norns sit by the world well, spinning the destinies of men and gods.

The mass-market paperback edition of LORD OF SLAUGHTER will be published by Gollancz in June 2013.