Published : 9 Mar 2023 - Jacaranda Books
An exploration of what it means to be a Black man in contemporary Britain, this collection of essays breaks down some pervading stereotypes about Black manhood.

Told from the perspective of some of the finest contemporary Black writers and thinkers, MANDEM is an ode to the moments in our pasts that shape us, and gratitude at being able to appreciate these lessons in the present.

In a beautiful blend of prose and lyricism, each essay sees its author tap into their most vulnerable place — engaging honestly in conversations often silently grappled with by Black British men because of socially enforced beliefs around Black masculinity.

The themes in this essay collection range from the importance of male role-models, and the unique relationship between mother and son to the sexual pressure placed on young heterosexual men, while also asking the question: "what does contemporary Black queerness actually look like?"

Edited by award-winning artist Iggy London and featuring essays from Yomi Sode, Jeffrey Boakye, Christian Adofo, Ashley Hickson-Lovence, Athian Akec, Dipo Faloyin, Okechukwu Nzelu, Phil Samba, Sope Soetan, and Jordan Stephens, MANDEM is an unmissable, thoughtful anthology of Black male expression.


In his electric new anthology MANDEM, London opens the floor to open, honest expressions of Black masculinity. Enlisting some of the most engaging voices across contemporary arts, from Jordan Stephens to Caleb Femi, the essays dig into everything from the importance of role models to the relationship between mother and son to navigating the pain of heartbreak as a guy; the writing full of energy and humour, speaking to the personal while also asking bigger questions like what does contemporary Black queerness actually look like?