Genre : Fiction
Published : 18 Jan 2001 - Spectre
Jason, Fran and Eileen move listlessly from city to city, conning everyone they meet. For years they’ve been small-time. Now they’re ready to take on something bigger.

A chance meeting gives Jason the idea for a grand scam in Cardiff’s Tiger Bay, centring on a restaurant called The Melt. The intended victims are a young Welsh artist and his father, a high-kicking multi-millionaire Tom Jones fanatic.

The scammers have only each other to hold onto in their self-created world where nothing is solid and real. But these consummate actors are beginning to confuse fact and fiction. Can they really trust each other?


MELTING is an outstanding thriller about deception, self-deception and the need to have a conscience. But its real appeal is in the skilful writing ... This is probably the most interesting, talented and readable novel to be published by someone under 30 this year.

Amanda Craig, The Times

An unnerving, chilling study of the damaged human psyche ... Davis’ writing combines humour, passion and depth – and she is not afraid to confront moral dilemmas most of us would prefer to ignore.

Big Issue

The plot has enough twists and turns to keep the addict of the crime novel happily entertained, while the characterisation has a depth the crime novel frequently lacks ... But MELTING’s credentials as a literary novel are established by the themes of identity and disguise which dominate it.

Western Mail