Mushrooms: River Cottage Handbook 1

Mushrooms: River Cottage Handbook 1
Genre : Cookery
Published : 3 Sep 2007 - Bloomsbury
In this first of an exciting new series that focuses on specific aspects of rural living and eating, mushroom expert John Wright explains how to identify and collect (or avoid) the mushrooms and toadstools we are most likely to encounter in the UK with diagrams, detailed profiles and handy tips.

Starting with a brief introduction to mushroom biology and taxonomy, John explains the ins and outs of collecting, including relevant UK laws, conservation notes, practical tips and identification techniques, complete with diagrams and line drawings. The handbook also includes more than thirty simple and delicious mushroom recipes from the River Cottage team.

Small enough to fit in a waterproof pocket, with colour photographs throughout and an introduction by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the RIVER COTTAGE MUSHROOM HANDBOOK is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide destined to be an indispensable household reference.


He gives plenty of vital tips about identifying different species and how not to poison yourself.

BBC Country File

It is by far the best book on recognising and eating wild mushrooms that has ever been written.

British Wildlife

This new book on mushrooms is one of the best I have read.

Highland News