Oh, I Do Like To Be...

Oh, I Do Like To Be...
Genre : Fiction
Published : 24 Jan 2019 - Unbound
Shakespeare clone and would-be playwright Billy has just arrived in an English seaside town with his sister Sally, who was cloned from a hair found on the back of a bus seat. All Billy wants is a cheap B&B, an ice cream and a huge hit in the West End. Little does he know that their fellow clones Bill and Sal are also residents of this town. Things are about to get confusing – cue professional rivalry, marital discord and a family reunion like no other.

This modern update of The Comedy of Errors is what you get when Gods Behaving Badly author Marie Phillips decides to write an important, scholarly work about the life of William Shakespeare, reads the complete works, including the long poems nobody likes, and then decides to turn it into a witty, delightful romp that you can probably finish reading in an afternoon with two tea breaks.


A screwball comedy of high-concept errors, involving clones of Shakespeare colliding in a seaside town, all run through like a stick of rock with Marie Phillips shameless wit (plus a few thefts from the Bard)

Laline Paull

'Based on Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, this is an enjoyable mistaken-identity farce from the bestselling author of Gods Behaving Badly . . . While Phillips’s bawdy, madcap shenanigans put you in mind of Michael Frayn’s 2012 novel Skios, there’s also a more heartfelt strand involving misdiagnosed mental illness'


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