One of the Girls

One of the Girls
Genre : Fiction
Published : 26 May 2022 - HarperCollins
One of us is a liar. One of us is a stranger. One of us is a cheater. But who could be a killer? The six of us arrived on the beautiful, sunbaked island of Aegos to leave it all behind, our suitcases packed with flip flops and beach towels, our heads full of dreams for the perfect weekend away with friends… On the first night, we laughed and danced under the stars. On the second night we went skinny dipping in the warm, summer sea. On the third night the wine loosened our tongues, the lies spilling and the masks starting to slip.

And on the final night it all ignited as we celebrated at the beach party – for someone, the holiday in Greece would be their last…


Lucy Clarke goes from strength to strength; this utterly addictive, trouble-in-paradise novel is her best yet. The plot shifts like sand beneath the reader’s feet.

Erin Kelly

I’m breathless, I raced through the last third hardly coming up for air. Talk about twists and turns. I loved the beautifully realised setting, the evocative descriptions of Greece, the food, I loved how Lucy handles such a wide varied vibrant cast of women with emotional depth and intelligence, I loved the jolts and shocks along the way . . . this is going to blow everyone’s socks off! ONE OF THE GIRLS is next level.

Emma Stonex

I loved ONE OF THE GIRLS: beautiful writing, suffused with menace, complicated female heroines, and an ending I couldn’t predict.

Gillian McAllister

Lucy Clarke is definitely one of my favourite authors. I loved the vivid setting of the Greek island. I felt like I was there - hearing, smelling and tasting everything as the sense of unease and mystery expertly unfolded. An immersive, clever and compelling read with memorable characters at its heart."<br />

Karen Hamilton

With an exquisite setting that crackles with tension, ONE OF THE GIRLS is a page-turning voyage to a remote Greek Island where friends old and new have gathered for a hen weekend. Dark and atmospheric, Clarke expertly renders the complicated female relationships with their intertwined alliances, secrets and betrayals. Lucy Clarke has proved, once again, that she is a master of the thriller genre.

Julie Clark

Exquisitely drawn with all the twists and turns you’d expect from Lucy Clarke … this was a delicious escape from the world … not to mention as close as I’ll get to a Greek Island for a while. I loved it!

Sally Hepworth

Packed with secrets, drama and all the complexities of female friendship and the darkness that lurks within us, ONE OF THE GIRLS is the perfect beach read!

Allie Reynolds

Compelling and clever; ONE OF THE GIRLS is expertly plotted and atmospheric with deft characterisation.

Jane Shemilt

Female friendships under the scrutiny of the Greek sunshine, this is an engrossing thriller with so many unexpected twists and turns

Lisa Ballantyne

ONE OF THE GIRLS is a masterclass in simmering tension and shocking revelations. With a fascinating cast of complicated female protagonists, a raft of dark emotional backstories and a gloriously exotic location, this story delivers in spades until the very last line

Rosie Walsh

Deliciously escapist and addictive, Lucy Clarke expertly juggles the secret desires and deceptions of six fascinating women. I really couldn't stop reading

Kate Riordan

An addictive sun-soaked thriller with a killer twist. Unmissable

Marie Claire

I loved it. It actually made me cry when Eleanor and Bella were in the boat together. Yes, you wrote a brilliant and twisty thriller but it is also such a moving story of female identity and friendship and forgiveness - honestly it was a joy to read

Amy McCulloch

This gorgeous book . . . I recommend it so much. Set in Greece it has all the ingredients of Lucy’s thrillers that make you feel like you’re sat around the pool with a cocktail in hand. As the sun goes down the secrets and cracks begin to show. Lucy’s writing takes you in one direction then effortlessly throws you another, and I could not put this book down . . . Gripping

Heidi Perks

ONE OF THE GIRLS is beautifully escapist and brilliantly suspenseful. I devoured it – and loved every minute. The writing is both elegant and sassy, and the characters are perfectly drawn. With the sun-soaked setting and the emotionally-driven mystery, it's got all the hallmarks of a classic Lucy Clarke novel – and is her best yet"<br />

Emylia Hall

Expertly plotted and so compelling with twist after brilliant twist, ONE OF THE GIRLS is the perfect addictive holiday read. I loved everything about it. This is her best yet

Claire Douglas

From the first page I was transported to the intoxicating Greek island setting of ONE OF THE GIRLS, and found myself held there, breathless, until the last. Every paragraph was beautifully captured, every character perfectly formed, with plotting and pacing to die for. This is everything the perfect escapist summer read should be: dark, delicious, and completely addictive.

Charlotte Philby

I devoured it in two heart-pounding sessions. Intriguing and compelling - I couldn’t put it down

Imogen Clark

ONE OF THE GIRLS has it all: a propulsive plot full of hidden undercurrents, a brilliant cast of characters and a setting so vividly described you’ll feel you’re right there on holiday with them

T. M. Logan

Brimming with tension, with such perfectly drawn characters I keep wondering what they’re doing now. Lucy Clarke gets better and better

Clare Mackintosh

A taut, propulsive plot keeps the pages turning through twist after devilish twist. Lucy Clarke always delivers

Chris Whitaker

A book that grips you from page one and takes you right to the Greek sunshine and the spiralling events! A perfect holiday read

Kate Hamer

I LOVED IT - it’s such an incredibly gripping read, and I was totally hooked (and madly suspicious of everyone!). I wish I’d had the willpower to save it for my holidays because it is the perfect beach read

Lisa Hall

Such a brilliant, immersive read – I was right there in that Greek sunshine, living every twist and turn. And BAM! That ending. Loved it!

Jackie Kabler

I loved this addictive thriller!

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