Perfect Love

Perfect Love
Genre : Fiction
Published : 20 May 2005 - Pan Macmillan
Twenty years of marriage to older Max has seen a busy, contented Prue through the stresses of a resentful stepdaughter and motherhood. Now, Violet has returned with her new husband from New York and, suddenly, Prue is precipitated into a secret life.

The small village in Hampshire and the city are very different places and, as Prue now moves between the two, she traces the boundaries between innocence and difficult knowledge, between the gluttony and surrender of desire and the stark realities that result. Pinpointing the battleground of the modern - and second - marriage, this is a novel of the extraordinary bargains and accommodations that are struck between people who love one another.


Modern marriage and its compromises... a terrific, compassionate, compelling novel

Daily Mail

A gem, filled with keen observations and uncanny descriptions

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Adultery... handled with care and moral intelligence. What a good writer Buchan is

Daily Telegraph

A powerful story: wise, observant, deeply-felt, with elements all women will recognise with a smile - or a shudder. Very highly recommended

Good Book Guide

Is Buchan the new Trollope?... a terrific new novel... Buchan's compassionate novel has an integral wisdom

Daily Mail

The allure lies in the disparity between what its heroine is supposed to be and what she does. The intracicies of Prue's love affair keep the novel bowling along

Sunday Times

Beautifully written with not a word wasted, PERFECT LOVE is as addictive as any affair

Publishing News

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