Pocket Playhouse

Pocket Playhouse
Genre : Fiction
Published : 7 Sep 2017 - Faber & Faber
POCKET PLAYHOUSE is Michael Frayn's latest imaginative offering that brings the stage to the page. In thirty-six comic sketches, he provides a tour de force of theatrical imagination and satire. Each sketch reveals the author's infectious delight in writing between the lines of theatre, fiction and comedy.

Charmingly packaged and published with flair, POCKET PLAYHOUSE is the perfect gift for all theatre and comedy writers.


It is at full comedic throttle from the start… Again and again, he pushes comic ideas to their limits and beyond... I’ve half a mind to call Frayn a National Treasure, but I can imagine him squirming at that most irritating of modern labels.

Benedict Nightingale, The Oldie