Reasons to Go Outside

Reasons to Go Outside
Genre : Fiction
Published : 26 May 2022 - Hodder & Stoughton
Pearl Winter hasn't been outside in forty-three years. Since she arrived in Dartmoor as a teenager, her isolated cottage has been her whole world. A place of safety. But now Pearl is utterly alone - except for the postman, the local crows, and her memories of the summer when her life turned upside down.

Connor Matthews feels like a stranger in his own home.

Since his mother's death he's been adrift from his remaining family and the life that's always been mapped out for him. But when Connor takes a summer job as Pearl's gardener, their unexpected friendship opens the door to a fresh start for them both. If they can just take the first step . . .


A touching and moving exploration of courage, friendship, and how hope can be found in the most unexpected places. REASONS TO GO OUTSIDE is the heartwarming and uplifting book we all need right now, a celebration of the power of connection and kindness. Poignant, absorbing and beautifully written - I loved it.

Holly Miller

There is such a warmth to this story...The characters flew off the page and I took them instantly to my heart...a bittersweet book full of love and hope. Who doesn't need that right now?

Helen Fisher

...a joyous read.

The Sun

The characters are endearing and the journey for each of them is as sweet as one of Pearl’s Victoria Sponges.