Red Wine

Red Wine
Genre : Cookery
Published : 19 May 2001 - Ryland Peters & Small
The huge choice of red wine that greets you on the supermarket or off-licence shelf may seem daunting at first, but with this invaluable little book you will soon pick up the basics. As RED WINE shows, the place to start is with the grapes themselves: Jonathan Ray considers all the important grape varieties – from Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon and from Nebbiolo to Zinfandel – describing their characters, quirks and qualities. He also reveals the secrets of deciphering wine labels, the best ways to store, serve, decant and taste wine, and how to tackle a restaurant wine list; all that you need, in fact, to allow you to approach a bottle of red wine with total confidence.


These seductively small books (they will easily fit in a handbag) fit in a much more information than you'd imagine possible. The author explores the important grape varieties, makes sense of labels, and offers advice on the best ways to taste and store.