Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman

Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman
Genre : Fiction
Published : 28 Mar 2002 - Penguin
Rose Lloyd was the last to suspect that Nathan, her husband of over twenty years, was having an affair, and that he was planning to leave her. But the greatest shock was yet to come; for his mistress was Rose's colleague and friend, Minty.

REVENGE OF THE MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN follows Rose's triumph of spirit over expectation and is a celebration of independence and self-fulfilment. Rose rejects the traditional vengeful route of the 'wronged' wife, preferring to explore, in the wake of her marriage collapse, the alternative life.

A New York Times bestseller.


I loved it

Jilly Cooper

A thoughtful, intelligent, funny, coming-of-middle-age story

Boston Globe

Wise, melancholy, funny and sophisticated

The Times

Wise and wonderful. The 'revenge' in the title has little to do with getting back at people. Rather, Buchan celebrates the patience and wisdom that only age brings.

USA Today

Bottom line: Get Revenge.

People (Pageturner of the Week)

Buchan's writing has the elegant understatement and wry wit that Americans so cherish in the British.

Chicago Tribune

Brilliant, deliciously sensual, exquisitely crafted [with] intelligent restraint. Bravo to Buchan's witty, wise, and wonderfully readable novel.

Wendy Holden

Funny and sad. It is the mark of a good writer to be able to find a new angle on such an everyday situation" <br />

Daily Mail

A sophisticated and satisfying novel. Buchan opts for a more believable examination of one intelligent woman's coming-of-age.

Publishers Weekly

What a terrific book! Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman -from that wry, powerful title to its final paragraph-is so beautifully executed that it becomes new, fresh, and interesting.

Fay Weldon

Here is proof that pain can serve as a catalyst for a glorious rebirth. What I like best about this novel is everything.

Elizabeth Berg

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