Genre : Fiction
Published : 1 Nov 2013 - Quercus

09:13am. Disgraced hedge fund manager Graham Poynter hides shamefully in his Belgravia mansion. All that separates him from the media hounds baying for his blood are wrought iron railings and an elite security team.

10:16am. A masked intruder stands over Poynter and his terrified family, while the last remaining security guard hangs impaled on a railing spike outside the house - a message of intent beamed to the watching world.

10:38am. Surrounding the scene are police helicopters, special forces teams, and Ed Mallory - blind hostage negotiator - who must stop this faceless adversary whose sights are set on exacting twisted retribution.


[SACRIFICE] has a high concept, contemporary feel, with the story played out against a backdrop of underhanded banking practices, and the rise of a new style of ‘hactivist’... It’s a fast paced, cinematic thriller. The tension starts high and doesn’t wane as the story unfolds.

Crime Thriller Girl

In a short and deadly opening chapter, Kinnings shunts the reader immediately into the action, before teasing out the suspense, turning back the ticking clock of the narrative by four meticulously illustrated hours from this first death... [Sacrifice is a] deftly crafted, page-turning thriller.

Literary Consort

A greased-lightning thriller that will doubtless make a perfect summer movie—preferably one to sit through on the hottest day of the year.

Kirkus Reviews

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