Secrets of the Heart

Secrets of the Heart
Genre : Fiction
Published : 29 May 2003 - Penguin
Agnes Campion is thirty when she inherits Flagge House from her uncle. Struggling with its upkeep whilst looking after her elderly aunts, juggling her work, and nursing a bruised heart, she doesn't bank on falling for handsome property developer Julian,whose job is everything she despises. But Julian has commitments of his own: Kitty, his long term mistress, won't give him up without a fight: seemingly fragile, she's really as tough as nails. Nor does Agnes imagine that stoical Andrew, whose organic farm is being wrenched away from him by a planning application, will fall for her too. Slowly, surely, a love quartet is developing, but relationships are messy things, and only two people can find happiness at the end of it all...


Celebrates human resilience and flexibility... confirms her skill as a storyteller

Independent on Sunday

If you are looking for a novel about people and issues you really do care about... this is it

Country Life

In this the latest of her acutely intelligent novels, Buchan proves she is not only a powerful romantic novelist, she is a nice one too

The Times

A finely written, intelligent romance

Mail on Sunday

A finely balanced, superior love story

Sunday Mirror

Beautifully observed and richly detailed, the writer's powerful prose has the ability to move the emotions" <br />

Evening Herald

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