Genre : Fiction
Published : 21 Jul 2024 - Transworld
Sirens introduces Aidan Waits, a disgraced young detective living in a sprawling northern city.

After he’s caught stealing drugs from evidence, Waits is blackmailed into an undercover operation which sends him from the upper echelons of the super-rich to the low-life squalor of the drug scene.

He spends his nights tailing The Franchise, a sophisticated drugs gang operating out of Manchester’s booming bar culture, impressed by their charismatic leader, Zain Carver.

But when James Rossiter, a powerful member of parliament, discovers that his teenage daughter has run away to join The Franchise – everything changes. Isabelle Rossiter has a history of mental illness and has already survived one suicide attempt.

She joins the dangerous world of the sirens, the young women, each compromised in their own way, who go from bar-to-bar collecting drug money for The Franchise. He meets Catherine, a con woman who moves from personality to personality, and Sarah Jane, Zain Carver’s lover.

Each lives in the shadow of Joanna Greenlaw, Carver’s first partner, a woman who agreed to testify against him but vanished without a trace.

As Franchise members begin to die, and a toxic strain of their designer drug hits the market, it becomes clear that someone doesn’t want Joanna Greenlaw to be forgotten.

His loyalties divided between the police, The Franchise, the sirens and himself, Waits forgets about saving his reputation and tries desperately to save his own life.

Sirens is the first novel in an intended series. Aidan Waits will return...


Electrifying debut novel...a brutal dance of death.

The Mail on Sunday

A firecracker of a crime tale. The writing is taut, atmospheric and studded with eye-catching descriptions. An arresting new talent.

The Metro

A firecracker of a first novel which strongly suggests a far more experienced novelist...It’s a satisfyingly seamy slice of noir, with the conflicted Waits sporting all the accoutrements of the best antiheroes in the genre.

Barry Forshaw in The Guardian

In the great tradition of James M. Cain and Dashiell Hammett, it works terrifically well.

BBC Radio 4’s Open Book

A triumphantly successful example of noir...I'll be astonished if this isn't the stand-out crime debut of the year.

Jake Kerridge in the Sunday Express

Sirens is a powerfully compelling debut which marks the start of a new series set to put "Northern Noir" at the forefront of English crime fiction.

Daily Express

[Knox] jumps straight into the top league of English noir.

The Times

Knox has a real talent for scene-building and characterisation, resulting in dialogue that sings but remains credible, and low-life figures who are memorably vivid without being Dickensian grotesques.

John Dugdale in The Sunday Times

Knox’s impressive debut plunges the reader into the darkest corners of Manchester’s druggy club scene... Knox sets a dizzying pace and convincingly evokes the murky, unbalanced atmosphere of an empire built around drugs and money with vivid prose.

Publishers Weekly

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