Solo: How to Work Alone (and Not Lose Your Mind)

Solo: How to Work Alone (and Not Lose Your Mind)
Published : 17 Sep 2020 - Souvenir Press
Whether by choice or circumstance, as a freelancer or a company employee working from home, more of us are becoming solo workers than ever before. But once you've made the leap, how do you actually thrive while working alone?

Picking up where the freelancer bibles stop, SOLO addresses what we gain but also miss when we shift from the structure of an office environment to the solitary confines of our homes or studios. Blending the latest research in psychology, economics and social science with guided self-examination and more than ten years of freelance experience, Rebecca Seal shows you how to stay resilient, productive and focused in a company of one.

Practical and inspiring, she also explores the idea of meaningful work and helps you define your own success.


Improve your home working routine".

The Guardian

The sound advice in this book may prove invaluable in years to come.

Herald Scotland

Deep-diving into productivity literature, economics and social sciences, as well as hard-won experience, she’s crafted a primer that covers topics from resilience and focus to procrastination and the curse of comparison. It contrives to be kind, realistic and genuinely helpful, all without lapsing into business speak and psychobabble. Install a copy on whatever surface is functioning as your desk, and you may even feel a little bit less alone

The Observer