Space Hopper

Space Hopper
Genre : Fiction
Published : 4 Feb 2021 - Simon & Schuster UK
This is a story about taking a leap of faith
And believing the unbelievable.

They say those we love never truly leave us, and I’ve found that to be true. But not in the way you might expect. In fact, none of this is what you’d expect.

I’ve been visiting my mother who died when I was eight.
And I’m talking about flesh and blood, tea-and-biscuits-on-the-table visiting here.

Right now, you probably think I’m going mad.
Let me explain…

Although Faye is happy with her life, the loss of her mother as a child weighs on her mind even more now that she is a mother herself. So she is amazed when, in an extraordinary turn of events, she finds herself back in her childhood home in the 1970s. Faced with the chance to finally seek answers to her questions – but away from her own family – how much is she willing to give up for another moment with her mother?

SPACE HOPPER is an original and poignant story about mothers, memories and moments that shape life.


I really enjoyed SPACE HOPPER. It’s such an unusual, intriguing novel. It’s the first in ages that actually *interested* me.

Marian Keyes

Tender, mesmerising and original, SPACE HOPPER is a beautifully observed debut told with warmth and luminosity. I devoured it in two sittings.

Lucy Clarke

Emotionally fraught, SPACE HOPPER is an unputdownable debut from a writer to watch.

Bustle, The Most Anticipated Debuts of 2021

A quirky book full of wisdom

Woman & Home

Prepare to be entranced by this slightly bonkers novel. […] Brilliantly exploring themes of grief, love and loss, and peppered with cultural references that will delight anyone who grew up in the 1970s, SPACE HOPPER will draw you in and keep you hooked right up until the last page

Heat *Book of the Week*

Conjuring up Rowan Coleman’s THE SUMMER OF IMPOSSIBLE THINGS and THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE by Audrey Niffenegger, SPACE HOPPER is the story of Faye who has a happy and loved life but lost her mother as a young girl. Then she stumbles across a way to travel back through to time to 1977, where she meets both her mother and her younger self. It sounds bonkers but it’s beautiful and explores grief, acceptance and love – providing much-needed solace right now


This is a magical, moving story about past and present, grief and healing, choices and yearning. A heart-warming, touching novel


It’s hard to believe that this is a debut, it’s so confidently writer. This is a story that will sing to all

Woman's Way



A quirky story, full of love and laughter

Best Magazine

Filled with nostalgic references, this heartfelt book is a lesson on living in the here and now"<br />

My Weekly

Quirky, magical and wise. A wistful reflection on the love between a mother and daughter"<br />

Woman's Weekly

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented novels…sounds odd but it works because of Fisher’s beautifully clear writing and the radiant sincerity of the heroine....Love, childhood, motherhood; whether you can or should fix the past, it’s all in this amazing book"<br />

Daily Mail

...[a] quirky, nostalgic tale

Daily Express

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