Talking About Detective Fiction

Talking About Detective Fiction
Genre : Fiction
Published : 1 Oct 2009 - The Bodleian Library / Faber and Faber
Readers worldwide have demonstrated an appetite for murder, mystery and mayhem. Talking about the craft of detective writing and sharing her personal thoughts and observations on one of the most popular and enduring forms of literature, P.D. James examines the challenges, achievements and potential of a genre which has fascinated her for nearly fifty years as a novelist.

From Sherlock Holmes to Miss Marple, from the Golden Age of detective writing between the wars to the achievements of the present and a glimpse at the future, P.D. James explores the metamorphosis of a genre which has gripped and entertained the popular imagination like no other type of novel.

Written by the author widely regarded as the queen of the detective novel, and making frequent reference to her own work, this book is sure to appeal to all aficionados of crime writing.

The paperback was published on 7th October 2010


Elegant and thoughtful... It is PD James's longevity, as well as her serene intelligence, that makes this book especially noteworthy and enjoyable... If you want to extend you own reading, discover new authors or clarify your thoughts, this is an excellent way to do so.

Amanda Craig