The Blink That Killed the Eye

The Blink That Killed the Eye
Genre : Fiction
Published : 30 Oct 2014 - Jacaranda Books
THE BLINK THAT KILLED THE EYE is a stunningly crafted debut short story collection, taking a poetic torch to the shadows of daily life - illuminating the characters, situations, emotions and dilemmas that pour into even the most ordinary existences. From building sites to prison cells; from the birth of love to the last moments of breath - Anthony Anaxagorou navigates expertly through the tangled nets of invisibility, desperation and power to bring us time-defining tales of tragedy and hope; commenting on the irony of our shrinking capacity to really see ourselves or each other in a world increasingly defined by appearances and dangerous preconceptions.


Look out for Anthony Anaxagorou, a near spiritual experience.

The Sunday Times

His greatest strength is how effectively and completely he can draw you into his narratives despite their serious and complex subjects.

Josh Idehan, Poejazzi

One of the most powerful stage performances I've seen.

The Evening Standard